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About Me

Of discerning taste and razor sharp wit, Jordan Birnbaum made his mark early in his professional career and is keeping the momentum going with a string of successes throughout.

Fresh out of Cornell University, where he learnt all about Policy Analysis specific to Consumer Economics and Housing, Jordan joined D.E. Shaw & Company in Manhattan as an associate for 18 months. D.E. Shaw & Company recognized Jordan’s aptitude in the market and retained his services in a promoted capacity after his associate program. He was awarded the responsibility of being a market maker for Japanese equity warrants based out of London. His success was measured in his lucratively administered portfolio containing 75 separate issues. Jordan’s reputation and proficiencies led to further promotion with D.E. Shaw & Company where he co-governed trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. After enjoying a good couple of years at D.E. Shaw & Company, marked with stunning success, Jordan Birnbaum left to seek new adventures and victories further afield and entered the energetic industry of multimedia.

Birnbaum's Career at Juno

When joining Juno in 1995 as the Director of Subscriber Acquisition, Jordan hit the ground running and was instrumental in trailblazing deals with direct impact on the company’s early success by substantially increasing the subscriber base. The state-of-the-art distribution agreements that Jordan created with Blockbuster Music and Blockbuster Video, and more than 50 other major corporate partners largely contributed to this increase. During his time at Juno, Jordan also played a pivotal role in introducing innovative practices that were eventually widely adopted into the multimedia arena. Through innovation and a go-getting attitude, Jordan made his mark in this industry. As he went from strength to strength, both Jordan and Juno reaped the rewards in this mutually beneficial relationship. The next logical step was a promotion for Jordan and he was duly given charge of all operations concerned with revenue. His new role of Vice President of Business Development was exactly the place for him to further influence the overall success of the company. This is also where he, yet again, exceeded expectations by successfully completing an IPO and leading the company to six quarters of achieving beyond the anticipation of analytical expertise.

Birnbaum in the Entertainment Industry

After six years of whirlwind activity and pioneering triumph, Jordan sailed to new shores and invested in Qtopia Events Inc. in Los Angeles. The extensive lease on Hollywood Boulevard and a number of other factors aided in Qtopia Events Inc. not being as successful as hoped. Fortunately, Jordan grabbed the reins and moved from NY to Los Angeles where he managed to get the company to break even in 2004. After this attainment, the company was re-launched as Vanguard and subsequently became profitable with making in excess of $40 million in the following five years. Jordan’s passion for the entertainment industry and creating multimedia content is currently leading him to his latest venture, in partnership with Richard Belzer (Law & Order SVU): The Secret Beatnik Party. In the run up to the launch later this year, Jordan Birnbaum’s brainchild is said to be comedy revolutionized. If it is anything like everything else he has done in his career, the entertainment industry is in for a treat!

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